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The Dark God Sagas
Book 1: Fallen: The Tale of a Dark God
Book 2: Bound: Dark God Saga

The Dark God Saga Book 1
ISBN#: 9781936271771/ 9781936271696
January 2011
Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC
145 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Thanatos is the Angel of Death, son to the goddess Nyx and the god Erebos, and his family is legendary for their darkness which is needed to counteract all of the goodness and light in the world. When he is tricked by a petulant Aphrodite, Zeus strips him of his godhood and puts him on earth to live as a human.

Simone Randall cannot believe her good fortune when she is invited to the most famed Halloween party of the year. When she gets there, she is in awe of the many different costumes not realizing that they are in fact the real deal.

Thanatos spots the human woman and he instantly finds his body craving to possess her. Though she is not beautiful compared to the goddesses on Mt. Olympus, there is something about the journalist that has him searching her out. When Aphrodite finds out, will she leave well enough alone or will she once again interfere?

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this erotic tale so much is because of how Thanatos reacted to Simone. Here is this woman, described through Ms. Dubrinsky’s words as being average, but the dark god sees something so fascinating about her that he is willing to defy the goddess of love to claim her as his own. The plot is really good and the sex is steamy, leaving me quite breathless. Then you add in this ultimate male species and you cannot help but feel as if you have Fallen.

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