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ISBN: 978-1-60142-272-9
February 16, 2010
304 Pages
Fiction / Historical
Rating: 3 Cups

The joy that Breanna Baylor feels right now is all thanks to God, and she worships him every day with her praise and her prayers. He has brought John back into her life, and this time Breanna will make sure he knows just how special he is to her.

Watching over Breanna and keeping her from harm was a duty John Stranger would never regret, but being with her now and having her accept his love shows just how much God is smiling upon him. His faith is unwavering, as is his love for Breanna, but only God will let them know when the time is right for them to be together forever.

The wagon train is getting closer to its destination, but the danger is not yet over for Breanna and John. While they work their way west, Breanna’s sister, Dottie, is facing her own tragedy, as her husband suffers horribly from shell shock and puts his family in mortal danger. Bandits are about to create havoc for the wagon train, and once again Breanna’s nursing skills and John’s stalwart ability to handle any crisis come into play. They complement each other in every way possible, but it is their love for God that binds them and gives them strength through any disaster.

In this latest installment, Breanna and John are finally able to declare their love and devotion for each other, but is it God’s plan for them to truly be together? They both love the work they do, and right now are desperately needed by friends, family, and country. Their characters are infinitely caring, and you can really feel the peace that their faith gives them. It is my recommendation that you read this series sequentially to get a solid foundation of the characters, and their love for Jesus Christ, all while trying to survive the rigors of traveling west in a wagon train.

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