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A Fairy Novel
Book 1: Fairy Flavor - February 28, 2011
Book 2: The Ravaged Fairy - May 24, 2011
Book 3: Fairy Unbroken, (Keyn’s Story) - WIP

A Fairy Novel, Book 1
ISBN# 9781926950297
February 28, 2011
Evernight Publishing
E Book
$ 4.99
117 pages
Paranormal Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 2 Cups

Brooke thinks she is having an erotic dream when the fairy man seduces her under a tree. When she realizes he is a living breathing man, er, fairy, she quickly agrees to go to his fairy kingdom and continue to receive his touch, which she is quickly becoming addicted to. When he asks her to stay and be his queen, she does balk when he mentions the immediate need for babies.

Carrick is the king of the fairies, and as such, is responsible for both the safety and long-term happiness of his people. Since they are having a hard time reproducing, he worries the end of their kind might be in the foreseeable future. When he sees Brook, he knows he must make her his bride, but will other outside interferences stop him from the love he knows only she can provide?

With troll uprisings endangering the fairies and the menace of wingless fairies, Brook and Carrick have a lot standing in the way of their relationship. A handsome wingless fairy, with two lust-addicted women already living in his house, abducts Brook and tries to win her away from the king. Their love has quite a few tests before it can be made into a forever kind of thing. But will their greatest barrier be Brook’s fear of commitment?

A lusty fairy with a taste for sex with humans is always a fun romp. There were quite a few very sexy scenes in this story along with a magical world bordering our own. However, this story had so many characters it was hard to keep up with them and the section with Valen seemed stuck in at the last moment—disappointing because he was a fascinating character. Although the author did write some very intriguing sex scenes, the emotion between the characters seemed completely illogical, especially since Brook seemed ready and randy to molest whichever fairy male was handy.

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