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May 2009/ June 2009
Circlet Press
$5.99/ $14.95
290 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Being a wolf is about being part of a pack, but Saoi is a lone wolf. He is looking for the answers he has regarding the change in pack sizes, litters and life spans. In his human form Saoi goes by the name of Brian Fenwick, a teaching assistant in biology at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Kiya White Cloud is a Lakota and a college student as UCSC. He returns from a spring break visit home to South Dakota to find a sexy new teacher’s assistant in his biology class. Since breaking up with his boyfriend, Ted, Kiya is on the prowl for a new man in his life.

Brian is in charge of taking students on field trips to study the eco-systems in nature. Kiya is making it hard for Brian to follow the main rule of not dating the students. Kiya is an attractive young man and is well aware of his effect on Brian. The wolf inside of Brian is ready to break loose whenever Kiya is near. When Ted sends hunters after Saoi, Kiya refuses to give up the love they have found. Both men’s love of nature is ingrained in their very beings. Will it be enough to allow them to forget the rules of man and follow the laws of nature?

This is such a sexy story about a shapeshifter and a Native American. I like the way the authors use nature and her elements to bring these two men closer. The beautiful descriptions of the forests and beach draw the reader in while the heat between Brian and Kiya keep you reading. Both of these characters are pack-oriented: Saoi with his wolf pack and Kiya with his family. This is just another element I enjoyed. While the sex scenes between the wolf and the man are a little too much for me to take, I do understand where the authors are going with them.

Caution: This tale contains hot and steamy sex scenes between two men and occasionally between man and wolf.

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