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ISBN: 1439255636
October 2009
497 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Callahan is on top of the world; her life feels perfect. She has a loving boyfriend, a new job that she loves, and works with a great group of people who actually care for more than just headlines.

Rich Spencer life has felt like he is living a reoccurring nightmare. While he loves his job as a cameraman, his wife continues to spin out of control with her horrific temper tantrums, violent tendencies, and false accusations of infidelity on his part.

When Kate first meets Rich, there is a connection that she cannot deny which makes her feel guilty considering she loves her boyfriend Jesse. She struggles daily to counter her growing physical and emotional feelings toward her coworker. Rich has never cheated on his unstable wife Shea, but one look at the beautiful Kate and he finds himself wanting to tumble down that very path. But Jesse and Shea will go through whatever it takes to keep their perspective lovers by their sides, even if it means death and destruction.

Fade to Black is written with an intense and dramatic voice that is rife with mounting tensions, conflicting emotions, and has the reader feeling as if life itself is spinning out of control. Morgan Kearns takes a simple story of two coworkers struggling with their attraction and turns it into a mysterious romance that has you on a rollercoaster ride full of sensations. There are parts of the story that left me wanting to rant at how manipulative Kate came across, acting like she was a teenager instead of a grown adult. Rich is this man who fights daily against his wife’s verbal, mental, emotional, and physical abuse even as he continually tries to refute his love for Kate. This is a hard-edged novel that people will either love or hate with an ending that is stunningly beautiful and will leave the reader breathless.

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