Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
231 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Andi is a small town girl. She lives alone next door to her widowed brother and his son with her dog Jonas. She is beautiful and athletic and is secretly in love with her best friend and employer’s older brother Matt.

Matt is tall blonde and handsome, successful and very popular with women. He is very protective of his sister and her best friend.

Andi has always had a crush on Matt. After one emotional encounter with him she finds herself pregnant and the object of his anger and disdain. Struggling to deal with her own situation, she finds out who her true friends really are.

I liked Andi’s character very much. She has some human flaws sure, but overall she is a good person in a horrible situation. She is lucky to have Mike for a friend throughout the story. As to the other three main characters, her brother, best friend, and Matt; who needs enemies with friends like these, she would have been better off moving elsewhere. Matt in particular is a less than stellar character. He is physically and emotionally abusive and Andi would not be out of line in getting a restraining order against him. You would think that three people who have known each other from birth would have a better idea of each other’s character. The brother’s girlfriend is a good character with some common sense and I liked the scenes with her and the best friend Sam’s boyfriend Mike. A great deal of the interaction between the other characters can be very annoying, until the ending scenes.

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