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Midnight Playground Series
Book 1: The Seeking Kiss
Book 2: Bloodsong
Book 3: The Turning Kiss
Book 4: Eversong
Prequel: Ever: The Turning

Midnight Playground, Book 4
ISBN: 9781609286835
October 2011
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
107 Pages
Erotic Paranormal; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 5 Cups

Ever has watched time and again as past lovers meet up with their soul mates. He knows his mind has gone from craving his next pleasurable encounter to seeking a way to close off the insanity he is afraid is just around the corner.

Mercy did not mean to do to Deo what was done to her. But when a rogue vampire left her after turning her, she craved the blood and companionship that Deo offered.

Deo does not blame Mercy for turning him. She did not understand what was happening to her and he knows he can now be with the woman who calls to his very soul.

When Mercy and Deo enter his club, Ever realizes his soul has been reawakened to a passion and love unlike anything he has ever felt before. The trio explores every inch of each other’s body as they create a bond that is fortified in the love they have for one another. But before they can think of forever together, they will have to await the Vampire Council’s decision on whether Mercy will be punished for turning Deo without his permission as well as a danger that is hidden in the shadows waiting to strike when they are least expecting it.

Eversong is such a powerful and enticing tale. We got to know Ever in the other novels, but it was more like we were watching him from the sidelines. Now we get to meet and really see the potent being that compels such sympathy and heartache from us as we see him struggle with the emotional overload throughout this book. Ms. Bradley knows how to write a novel that is rich in detail. She did not just tell a story, she showed us a tale that is extremely vivid and leaves us emotionally entangled in the essence that surrounds Mercy, Deo, and especially, Ever. What a beautiful story this turned out to be!

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