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The Days of Redemption
Book 1: Daybreak
Book 2: Ray of Light
Book 3: Eventide
Book 4: Snowfall

The Days of Redemption, Book 3
ISBN # 9780062204448
September 3, 2013
Avon Inspire
288 Pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Landon Troyer has come to the small Amish community in Berlin to start over. When he meets pretty Elsie Keim while helping her elder brother Roman with chores on their farm, Landon thinks God has shown him the woman who can make his dreams come true. Landon wants nothing more than to settle down and raise a family just as his older brother has done.

Elsie Keim is tired of being treated like a child. She knows her eyesight is worsening as a wasting disease ruins her corneas, but it does not make her less of a woman. Finally, after years of watching her siblings enjoy buggy rides and handholding with their sweethearts, she has a handsome beau of her own.

Landon is surprised that Elsie's family does not seem to support their relationship. When Roman discloses that Elsie is slowly going blind, Landon is dismayed. How can he stick to his plans while caring for a woman who cannot see? Soon Landon realizes that God has given him a woman stronger than he ever imagined possible.

This third book is by far my favorite in the Days of Redemption series. It is wonderful to see a heroine like Elsie so determined to overcome the loss of her vision with grace and determination. Landon is the perfect mix of stubbornness and humility to balance Elsie's overprotective family with love and acceptance.

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