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ISBN: 9781615814077
April 2010
Dreamspinner Press LLC
117 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Caution: This novella was originally published in Size Does Matter Anthology published by Dreamspinner Press, LLC.

MacAlester “Mac” Kerr is used to being gone from his lover while he is acting. Even though he is used to being separated from Evan for weeks at a time, it does not mean he misses him less.

Evan York owns a spa and treats Mac like his own special client. Each time the two get together, he touches each and every erroneous zones on his lover’s body.

Missing Evan like crazy, especially since it is their one year anniversary, Mac is touched when a gift basket is sent to his location. Inside are little gifts that have him remembering some of their special and steamy events. Reliving each of them has him missing Evan like crazy and wishing that the shooting would be over soon so he could get home to his lover. Because he has a gift to give Evan, one that Mac hopes will have his lover ready to dispense some much needed TLC.

Evan’s Heaven is a truly romantic and steamy read. I thought the way each gift had Mac reminiscing of past events brought out a softer side to this erotic story. The give and take of the relationship and how Evan and Mac relate to each others’ needs was quite telling and gave them the appearance of a satisfied and happy couple. Though I could not always understand some of their reactions, such as the lingerie scene and what it did for Evan sexually, I still found this to be a very pleasant read. Thanks to Ms. Bennett’s very inventive pen I will never be able to look at a spa in the same way.

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