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ISBN: eBook: 978-1-926704-70-8 Print: 978-1-926704-78-4
October 2009
Eternal Press
E-book/ print
60 pages
Paranormal Erotic
Rating 3 cups

Liz Beth has spent her life seeing ghosts and working as a paranormal problem solver. Since she was a child, she has had dreams of a vampire said to be a distant and very ancient relative. Knowing only that and his friendship with her grandmother, Liz follows when Quillon tells her it is time and she should go to New Orleans.

As an ancient vampire, Quillon has the power to gain just about anything he wants, except Liz. The only way to really have her for himself is to allow her to know the man, not just the powerful vampire.

When Liz arrives in New Orleans, she meets a man who captivates her both in and out of bed. But Christien is very busy with his business and leaves Liz for days at a time. Time for her to dream about Quillon and become more and more confused as to what she wants from both of them.

Eternal Desires is a very sexy short story set in one of the world’s most interesting cities. Quillon is a powerful character who commands Liz to follow where he leads but his need for her to know the real man shows there is a heart behind the steel. Unrealistically, Liz possesses a power while wearing her costumes that she does not seem to have without them. Ms Rhoads gives an amazing description of the Halloween parties and balls in New Orleans.

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