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ISBN#: 9781595788757
November 2011
Liquid Silver Books
116 Pages
Erotica; Contemporary Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Symone Adams is tired of having her heart shredded time and again. Deciding to live a little, she goes on the prowl for fresh meat to use as her lover and then discard when she is done.

Zandros is a player who is used to having all of the willing women he wants. But Symone is different and he knows it will change him forever.

Marco is another player and he too spots Symone. Wanting to claim the beautiful woman as his own, he soon finds himself in competition with Zandros for her body, heart, and soul.

Symone wants to become the player instead of the victim. But with two sexy men vying for her attention, she soon finds out that she cannot involve her body without involving herself emotionally. Wanting to pull away before anyone gets hurt, Symone tries to get the men to back down from fighting for her. But when the war of love for the same woman turns against them, Zandros and Marco find the only way to get the woman they both want is to work together so both can claim her as theirs.

Essence of Competition is a wickedly hot tale full of dynamic sex, intriguing characters, and a plot full of hedonistic pleasure that sets the pages on fire. I loved the interaction between Zandros, Symone, and Marco. Not only was the competitiveness of the two male characters apparent, but the sexual attraction between the two of them teases the reader endlessly. The way the book hinted at the very end had me hoping to read what happened in the bedroom afterwards. Ms. Desbois knows how to write a tale that will grab you, hold on tight, and leave you wanting more.

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