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ISBN# 9781573448147
14 August 2012
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
220 Pages
Erotica Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Riding Double

Ranching is not Danica Connor’s full-time occupation, so never turns down any help.

The flirting and romancing has been fun. Now Jack Benton is ready for more, but not quite for what Danica has in mind.

Danica wants to shake things up with Jack. Inviting her identical twin sister to join in the fun sounds like a good idea at first, only Jack has other ideas.

Jack is most certainly not what you would expect, but he is everything you could hope for.

Under the Southern Cross

Thousands of miles away and Sam can still feel the bull’s-eye on her back.

Jake is no stranger to hard work, even when it comes at him from the other side of the world.

When Sam realizes her cover is blown, she takes Jake up on his offer. His sexy rugged exterior excites her. His ruthlessness could keep her alive.

Nothing is as harsh and unforgiving as the Australian outback. Sam and Jack match it with passion and fearlessness.

Banging the Cowboy

As Annie Paris plays set after set, she gets a good look at one very noticeable cowboy.

He has kept his distance for a reason. Now Rafe McCord is ready to make his move.

Annie has heard all of the rumors surrounding Rafe, so as much as she desires him, she tries to keep her feelings to herself. Rafe knows Annie is too special to let her slip through his fingers, and he intends on showing her just how much he cares.

Even though Rafe is a notorious playboy, readers have no worries. What he feels for Annie is less than sincere.

Ladies Love Country Boys

Her day has only gone from bad to worse. Now Julia Craven is stuck waiting for a tow truck in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.

Buckle Bunnies are nothing new for bull rider Morgan Mitchell. This lady, however, is something completely different.

With plenty of time to spare, Julia decides to wait it out at the local rodeo. What she never expects to find is a man who ignites every nerve in her body.

They may be strangers, yet there is no doubt Julia and Morgan have found kindred spirits in each other.


Running along the country road near her home gets Amanda Wilcox more than just her daily dose of exercise.

Helping out a damsel in distress is the neighborly thing to do. But what Cade Garrett is feeling now goes far beyond neighborly.

Amanda is beyond embarrassed by the events that day, she sprained her ankle. Yet, saying no to Cade’s invitation is out of the question.

This story is the sexiest balance of innocence and passion.


The holidays are really getting to Regan Morris, making her feel like she is ready to crack.

Seeing her show up for the party throws Jonas right back to the morning he wakes up alone, after one unforgettable night.

She has no idea whose ranch this is, but Regan cannot say she is sorry she came. If it has been a long time in coming, Jonas is well worth the wait.

Hormones can reach dangerous levels as a teenager. Jonas and Regan blow those childhood feelings right out of the water.

Rough Stock

The only way Dawson Conway can help herself is to stay out of sight, ready to step in if she needs him.

A year before, Kennedy Rawlings has taken the hardest fall of her life. It is time to put it behind her and move on.

The previous night, Dawson has helped Kennedy forget her fears. Today, she will show everyone just how courageous she really is.

You have to love a man who can look beyond the exterior and truly see the heart that lies beneath.

The Ranch Hand

Charlene Solt is devastated that her father has put her in a horrible position.

A week working the Solt ranch should give Jesse a fair indication of what he needs to know to make a decision.

Getting married off to a wealthy rancher is the last thing Charlene wants or needs, especially when she is beginning to have feelings for the new ranch hand. Igniting the fire in her heart only makes it harder to imagine her life with someone else.

Love seems to happen when you least expect it, more so when emotions are already running high.

Small-Town Famous

This time, Tommy is fairly sure she has gone completely out of her mind.

With her anger running hot and hard, Bethann is ready for a knock down drag out.

Seeing Bethann behind bars and fuming mad, Tommy knows he has to tread very carefully. Good thing for him, he knows Bethann inside and out.

A woman with as much passion as Bethann is sure to be a handful. Thankfully, it seems that Tommy has really good hands.

The Storm

It does not take long for Candace to realize that she has made a very stupid mistake.

Seeing her in that pond scares the life out of Brent.

Waking up in a very familiar bed, Candace has no choice but to confront her fears. Her heart knows what it wants. She just has to be brave enough to take it.

Brent feels very much like the strong silent type, yet you have no trouble sensing the passion that lies beneath the surface.

Caught Unawares

His best friend’s baby sister is not who Reese McCord should be mooning over, but tell that to his heart.

As many times as Lacy Wills has tried to capture Reese’s attention, this is not one of them.

Sopping wet and madder than a scalded cat, Lacy is almost too much to resist, although Reese does his best. This time, however, Lacy will not let him.

Lacy is one very determined young lady, and it is quite entertaining watching her get Reese right where she wants him.

Some Like It Dirty

Expensive heels and dirt roads are not a good combination for Jenna McManus, especially when she is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car.

Not one to leave a lady stranded, he does what it takes to get her back to his home in one piece.

Looking at her ruined clothes, Jenna cannot really say she is sorry. She also never imagines that rough and dirty could get her so unbelievably hot.

Jenna has met herself a true blue cowboy. From the hat on his head to the dust on his boots, he has rugged and sexy all tied up.

Raney’s Last Ride

Revenge for Paul’s death is what has made Raney James the person she is today.

The plan to take down Bill Jessup is one of the things Whitfield has in common with his companion.

The tears Raney cried over Paul’s death have washed away any softness she may have had as a woman, but it has not lessened her desire. Now she takes what she needs, as long as it gets her one step closer to killing Jessup.

I really like that Raney is as ruthless and fearless as any man. Even when she goes as far as she does with Jessup, you have to admire her strength.

Runaway Bride

Humiliation aside, Jackson Lowry wants answers, and he wants them now.

Fear has driven Sammi Jo to do what she has done, although she is too bullheaded to admit it.

She has always put on a good show, but Sammi Jo could not marry Jackson without him knowing the real her. Jackson fears his measures may be a little extreme. Still, nothing less will do for his Sammi Jo.

Not too many men are brave enough to risk so much for a woman, which makes this read all the more enticing.

She Don’t Stay the Night

Even at fifteen, Adabella sees something special in the young gringo who shows up on her family’s land.

Working hard is the only way Buckley Carver knows how to work.

The time away has not lessened Adabella’s fascination with Buckley. If anything, those couple of years have only sharpened her desire. Buckley has the focus and determination of a man twice his age. When such intensity is turned on Adabella, she is ready for forever.

These two may be young in years, their love however is timeless.

Cowboys are a breed apart–strong, dependable and so damn sexy they make it pretty hard not to love every rugged inch. The men in these stories are exactly that and so much more. No metro sexual males here. With their cashmere sweaters and manicures, these men are not afraid to work hard and play harder. This is a fantastic collection that will most assuredly get that heart a pumping.

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