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ISBN# 978-1-936950-49-2
September 16, 2011
Summerhouse Publishing
$ 1.99
26 pages
Fantasy/ Paranormal Erotic
Rating: 2 Cups

Gabrielle Foster is freezing, waiting for a bus and pondering a book she recently read. Thinking of the steamy descriptions of the Greek god, Eros, as depicted by a woman who had gone mad with obsession, certainly gets her mind off the weather. Once she gets to work, she is shocked when she realizes one of her regulars bears a striking resemblance to the Greek god she had just been thinking of…

Eros is the god of passion. Depicted as a selfless and tragic god of love in the journal, Gabrielle finds that he is intriguing, to say the least. He had fallen in love before, but he was unable to be with her because of the dictates of his father. Left to satisfy the lusty needs of mortals, Eros is lonely.

Eros has a proposition for Gabby. If she takes him up on it, she may have some of the most erotic dreams any woman has ever dreamt come true. But it isn’t without a price. Will she dare risk it all for the god of love?

I love Greek mythos, so I was really excited to read this erotic story. The hero is everything you want a Greek god to be…powerful, masculine, somewhat tragic. The heroine makes some choices that I couldn’t understand—especially since she had read the other woman’s journal—however, all in all, the writing was beautiful. Although I was bothered by the shaky plot, other readers may simply be swept away by the storytelling.

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