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ISBN # 1-4199-5448-2
JUNE 21 2006
Ellora's Cave
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175 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Treasure Hunter

Dr Samantha Tremain is an archeologist who specializes in lost e-books, especially erotica. Rick Bronson is very handsome treasure hunter who is looking for a horde of lost e-books and Sam is the best way for him to find the treasure. Soon Rick realizes he wants and needs more from her than just a treasure; Rick wants the untouchable doctor Tremain. When a contemporary of Sam's shows up though, Rick may have more to deal with than just a simple case of lust.

What a great story! This has so many cute Ellora's Cave hints and up front illustrations, that those who have been EC customers for years will love this part of the book. Sam and Rick are a terrific pair, and the villain has the perfect amount of smarmy to make the story even more interesting. The sex is great, and in some cases humorous. Treasure Hunter is a great way to start this anthology.

Allergic to Love

Allergic to Love is an interesting story about two scientists, both of whom have secrets and a hard attraction to each other. Ella is a dedicated researcher who lusts after a new colleague, but her allergic reactions and mind-stopping lust frighten her enough to want him out of the lab. Marcus knows that Ella is showing allergic reactions to his beastly side, but when he sneaks an unknown drug into her hot chocolate, will she be thrilled or even more determined to get rid of him-even though now that she isn't sneezing around him, he seems to be hotter than ever.

This is a cleaver look at the "were" world and I love the allergic to canines part of the story. Ella is ungracious heroine but when she finally discovers her own ability to care, she develops redeeming qualities. Marcus is a definite alpha hero, and reacts badly on being pushed off, but his love for Ella makes his reactions reasonable. The background characters are deeply integrated into the story and give logic to the unusual events.


Dawn has been pulling her sister out of one disaster after another. Unfortunately, this one will be harder to fix, because she has to deal with Niall, her sisters ex-beau whom Dawn has always wanted. Niall was always fascinated by Dawn, but knows he is cursed and will do anything to protect her it, no matter how much he wants the beautiful young woman.

Eclipse is absolutely thrilling and keeps readers wanting to see what happens next as soon as possible. The chemistry between Dawn and Niall is as strong as the sex is smoking. Every scene is dynamic and builds the plotline. Their chemistry jumps off the book at you and even though Eclipse is an erotic story, readers will be quickly turning pages to find out how the two are doing romantically. The background characters, even the frightening ones, really add to the book. Eclipse is the latest example of why Ms Agnew is such a popular writer.


A young doctor, Tria, and a group of wonderful girls are the sole surviving citizens of a planet destroyed by warriors known as the Purge. Daxx, captain of an expeditionary ship, has set out to find survivors, but finds so much more. After hiding for a number of years, the women have finally found contact with another ship and best of all the men are capable of species continuation, but will that be enough for the women?

Genesis is a good science fiction story with a strong romantic subplot. I enjoy the quirky take on the survivalist genre. Tria and Daxx are a wonderful couple and I enjoy their interactions and the open desire they display. The background characters supported the story well and I really cannot wait for at least two to get a sequel. The horrors of war and threats of danger added a great element of suspense that made the story even better. The unique science fiction elements are explained well enough to allow the story to progress smoothly.

Blind Date

Best friends Mike and Ruth have skirted around their desire for each other for too long. While Ruth worries about losing the close companionship, she feels with Mike, he in turn cannot take it anymore and makes his move by setting Ruth up on a blind date, with him. Will the two finally make the move from friends to lovers? Or, will their doubts keep them apart?

Blind Date is a great contemporary and, Oh My, the sex is really hot! Even better than just hot sex though, Ms Adams truly brought out the togetherness of Mike and Ruth. You felt comfortable with the couple. They move with great harmony that wonderfully reflects the trust they show for each other. This is enhanced through their communication and body language. The background characters are inconsequential, but the scenery truly enhances the storyline and Mike and Ruth carry the plot well and keep the story moving.

Sir Stephen's Fortune

Ileana is a woman left barely surviving with her young son. She loves her son with all her heart, but wants a man in her life, a man who can openly love her. A young Irish nobleman is thrown penniless out of his ancestral home when it is discovered he is not his father's child. Stephen is roaming the English countryside when a gypsy shows him the woman of his dreams in a crystal ball and finds him a room for the night. There he meets the woman from the ball and hopefully than can find a way to make their fortune together.

This is a sweet story the shows the cruelty of bigotry and the goodness of doing something for another, with no expectations. Ilena and Stephen's conversations are loving and respectful. The dialogue matched the rhythm of a historical and is full of meaning, highly romantic, and never feels forced. The sex was also touching and very loving. It was easy to care for the two characters that had so much to overcome in such a repressive time.

Dreams of the Oasis, Vol 2 is a good anthology with some great stories. Most of the book continues the outstanding tradition of very different stories, each with an unique outlook. While all the stories were good, I love Blind Date and Treasure Hunter the most, but Eclipse is a very close behind. From paranormals to contemporary to science fiction, this book is something for everyone and everything for readers like me.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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