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ISBN#: 006207153X/9780062071545/9780062071538
June 28, 2011
Harper Collins
356 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Growing up with a father who wanted to be a man of the cloth is hard. Add to that a mother who shows no emotion, not even to her only child and you probably have the recipe for an unhappy adult. But Ellie Hogan has something that changes her whole life—John. John is the boy who teaches her to climb trees and how to love. John brings the passion and verve for life to Ellie.

John was orphaned and sent to live with his aunt and uncle in the Irish countryside. Never having children of their own, they lavish all the love that they have on him—plentiful food, lots of play and even searching out the quiet little neighbor girl to give him a playmate. All this gives John the strength of character to become a fighter, willing to do anything for his homeland. When he realizes that his feelings for Ellie are anything but childish, will her love quench his dreams of Irish rebellion?

John and Ellie start out thinking they can do anything, change the world even. But when a tragic accident changes everything, Ellie does what she feels she must to save John. Will her choice allow them the financial freedom that so many in their country so desperately desire? Or will her sacrifice be the death of their love like nothing else could have been?

Set on the lovely and colorful Irish landscape and later on the coast of a world that is creating itself, Ellis Island is both a rich and vibrant historical while having a very contemporary message. If you could buy anything and the future was in the palm of your hands, would you trade love for riches? If everything you knew was falling apart and the grass looked much greener half a world away, would you leave behind the world you knew or would you find a way to save your home? In these times of economic insecurity and as a child of generations of American immigration, I found this story heartwarming as well as stirring. Excellent story from an excellent storyteller.

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