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Sexual Meltdown
Book 1- Her Arizona Cowboy Brothers
Book 2 - Her Texas Cowboy Brothers
Book 3 - Elise's Dakota Cowboys

Sexual Meltdown 3
ISBN- 1160342224
February 2011
Siren Publishing
85 pages
Erotic Romance/Menage a Trois-Quatre/Science Fiction
Rating: 3 cups

Elise Norton is living in Chicago when she begins having a re-occurring dream…every single night for three years. She finally works up the nerve to buy the ranch that is in her dreams and moves to Raven, North Dakota.

Carter, Aaron and Brady Kennedy are brothers who share the philosophy of share and share alike. They share everything in their lives including women.

The Kennedy brothers are Sybars. Sybars are products of a human mating with aliens and they have wonderful powers that become full-fledged when they reach the age of twenty-five. Carter was so excited to find Elise because she is a Sybar woman, a rare thing. He sent her the dream of living on the ranch in South Dakota, enticing her to make the big change. Since she never knew she was a Sybar, it is up to the boys to show her what her powers are all about…much to Elise’s delight.

The idea of combining science fiction with cowboys caught me a little off guard when I began this book. My mind was completely absorbed into the story by the second chapter. Sabrina Sinclair takes a tale, which is purely fantasy and makes it seem real. From the heart-stopping first meeting between Elise and the brothers to the final line of the book, I could not get enough of this book. If you are looking for a tantalizing read with wonderful sex scenes and a definite twist to it, then this is probably the book for you.

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