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The Dakota Dynasty
Ecstasy Times Two

The Dakota Dynasty
ISBN: 1610341872
March 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc.
173 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary; Ménage Amour
Rating: 4 Cups

Dylan Amberson is a wealthy man, an eligible bachelor, and until now he has not wanted anything remotely close to a real relationship with a woman. But there is something about the sexy waitress that makes him want to give up his bachelorhood.

Candice Olssen works for her aunt and uncle at their bar and grill. She has always believed that she would live a quiet life until the day that Dylan and the sexy sergeant decide they both want her.

Alvin “Bulldog” Herndon did not realize that he was not the only one chasing and catching the sexy Candice. Now the billionaire and the cop will have to figure out how they can both be happy with Candice.

Even as she finds her life complete with the two men, Candice knows that trouble is right around the corner. Nick is a man who has been coming into the restaurant demanding money for the restaurant’s “safety” and he has just upped the ante. He wants more money but he also wants a taste of Candice. Can she figure out how to get her men, save her family’s business, and stop Nick from terrorizing her?

Ms. Gideon uses a pen full of hedonistic pleasures and danger to tell this compelling story. On their own, Alvin and Dylan are strong players in this tale but when they are together in the pages, the dynamic duo packs a powerful punch. Ecstasy Times Two is a great novel that allows the reader to really delve into the story. The sex is extremely hot and at times it left my throat so parched that I thought I had been walking in the desert for hours. You will enjoy this tale time and again and you will find yourself revisiting the characters that make up this seriously hot novel.

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