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Lords of Deliverance Series:
Book 1: Eternal Rider

Demonica Series:
Book 1: Pleasure Unbound
Book 2: Desire Unchained
Book 3: Passion Unleashed
Book 4: Ecstasy Unveiled
Book 5: Sin Undone

The Notebooks of Madame B
ISBN#: 9781585427734/ 9781101163085/ 9781101162453
December 2009
Tarcher/Penguin Group
194 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Hard Hat

She works in an office and passes a construction site every day. There is one “hard hat” there that she really is intrigued by because he does not wolf whistle or call out to her like his fellow workers.

He is quiet and never smiles, but he always makes eye contact, and he watches her every day as she walks past.

The more she sees him and the quieter he is, the more she wants him. She even goes so far as to pick lovers out who look like him so she can fantasize. Then one day she stops by the nearly completed building and finds her hard hat inside. He gives her her fantasy but will she see him again once the building is totally completed?

A very sexy fantasy about a contruction worker and an office drone. This is a very erotic story. Who has not fantasized about hot looking construction workers?

Model Misbehavior

Anna Lamb is a high class fashion model in love with her rocker boyfriend.

Joey Harper is a British rocker who is also in love with is fashion model girlfriend.

Joey and Anna have a “game” going where they make love in almost public places and then do their best not to get caught. The more daring, the better their orgasms. This time Joey has come up with something that could ruin her career if they are not careful. Will they be able to pull it off?

What a great story! Absolutely loved this one! While the story is clearly erotica, I really enjoyed the fact that these two actually cared about and seemed to be in love with each other. The story is well written, and while I could not figure out who the characters were based on, it was still fun guessing!

Toy Story

She runs out of underwear and goes to borrow a pair of her roommate’s only to discover more in the drawer than she anticipated.

Laura is her roommate.

While wearing Laura’s underwear, she also discovers Laura’s vibrator. This turns her on so much she starts using it and fantasizing about having sex with Laura. The fantasy becomes real when Laura discovers someone has been using her vibrator.

A lusty moment or two between two female roommates makes for hot lesbian sex. I liked this story mainly because it is probably more realistic than people realize. The sex is not all that detailed but enjoyable to read just the same.


She is sick and tired of her new boss. He is rude, a jerk, and just downright nasty with his subordinates. She has had enough and decides to teach him a lesson.

Hugh Lancing is her new boss, and he thinks it is perfectly fine to treat his employees like crap. He is about to meet his match.

When Hugh calls her into his office and tells her he will promote her, but only if she fires several of her co-workers, she has had enough. She decides to take a chance and goes all dominatrix on Hugh.

This was a great story, and Hugh so got what he deserved. I have had bosses like Hugh so I could totally relate to her wanting to give him what he had coming to him. Sex and power are packed together in a powerful storyline in this one.

The Car-Masutra

She has always wanted to have sex in the open in front of a crowd. The idea of “dogging” totally turns her on.

Steve is her husband and the idea turns him on just as much.

Finally, she can stand it no longer and gets a Brazillian wax and buys some new underwear. She drives by a popular dogging spot several times as well. Finally, they decide to do it. They get dressed up, have dinner out and then go to the “dogging” spot. At first they think no one is there, but then it becomes apparent there is another couple there as well. They each have sex with their partners while the other couple watches.

This story had me cracking up because not only is it hot, but it is also funny! Who has not thought of having sex in front of strangers? Even if you have only fantasized but never experienced it, this story may convince you to try out your wildest fantasy.


Helen is overworked, and stressed out beyond belief. She has not had sex in months and feels as if she is so brittle she could crack. That is until a woman in a taxi gives her the cure.

Adi and TJ are very special massage therapists, and they are about to treat Helen to the cure for her stress.

When Helen gets into a taxi with another woman positively ready to snarl, the other woman notices when her knees crack. She gives Helen the name and number of the man who can solve her problems, and boy does he!

I really enjoyed this very well-written sensual read. Who has not felt as though they were about to crack at one time or another? This story personifies one way to relax and treat yourself.

A Working Girl

Kerry works for a fashion magazine and is overwhelmed with debt.

Mark is a pimp for high class call girls.

When Annabel, one of Kerry’s co-workers, discovers Kerry crying in the ladies room, she tells Kerry how she and many of the other girls are making ends meet. Interestingly, they are all working as escorts, and Kerry definitely wants in on the action when she hears how much the girls are making. However, when she has her interview with Mark, things do not go as planned. They turn out even better than she could have imagined.

I enjoyed this story. It is hot and very erotic! I liked how Kerry’s impression of all the girls she works with was totally wrong and how she is able to get what she wants and solve her money problems.


Nina is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wants is tall, skinny, and androgenous-looking men. This type of man totally turns her on, so when she goes to one of her usual pick up places and spots Ash, she thinks she has hit the lottery. Little does she know she will get far more than she bargained.

Ash is the man Nina picks up. He is a mystery, and he keeps the mystery up until the very end.

When Nina takes Ash home with her to have some very hot sex, she is so turned on she does not know whether she is coming or going. However, Ash is far more than he appears to be, and he is about to surprise her in ways she never imagined.

This was a very interesting gender bender type story. I found Nina’s taste in men very interesting as usually androgenous is not what most women look for. And while it may be a stereotype I always think of androgenous looking men as being either gay or women dressed like men, so to hear a straight woman say this turns her on was a bit of a revelation for me. Still this is a very good story and just goes to show you that what someone looks like on the outside does not necessarily jive with who they really are.

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Charlie is a young eighteen-year-old virgin who is living in London and studying the dance that she loves. At night she and her friends go clubbing.

David is an artist who Charlie meets in a jazz club.

When David asks Charlie if she wants to be his muse, she is more than willing. He takes her back to his place and introduces her to his friends. She falls asleep there and then the next morning David takes her virginity in a very hot experience for Charlie. However, there is more here than she realizes, and David is about to up the ante.

This was a great coming of age story. It has some very hot scenes in it, but I also liked the caring and affection between David and Charlie. That really made this story!

Overall, I thought this was a good group of stories, and I enjoyed reading the majority of them.

Warning: There is one story in this anthology that is of the “golden showers” genre. If this is offensive to you then you may not want to read this book.

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