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ISBN: Unavailable
February 23, 2010
Wild Horse Press
121 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jaden is a mercenary and has no ties to anyone, least of all her Bestren Clan.

Breton Harrell notices the Bestren Warriors right away, and wonders what his enemies are up to.

When Breton sees the horrible beating given to the female of their pack, he decides to step in. When Jaden finds herself in a stranger’s arms, her mind revolts even as her body recognizes him as her soul mate. Determined to claim her as his own, he takes her to the sanctuary bar and slowly tears down her resistance as he seduces her. But Jaden’s brother will stop at nothing to reclaim his half-sister and refuses to give up without a bloody, vicious fight.

One of the major attractions to Eclipse of the Twin Moons is how strong and independent Jaden is. I love how Ms. Oiler shows her to be a warrior who is a skilled fighter, with a heart that will not see innocent people destroyed. Breton is just as strong and not willing to see someone beaten down just because of who they are. This was a really good story, one that I enjoyed reading.

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