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ISBN#: 978-1-60777-316-0
December 2009
Ravenous Romance
186 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alexandra Leveau is a descendant of the Voodoo priestess Marie Leveau. She lives with her Great Uncle Frenchie, and works in a knife shop. She has a degree in Mathematics. She also has the hots for Vadim Blerinca.

Vadim Blerinca is a vampire and though he is attracted to Alex, he has no intention on acting on that attraction, at least at first.

When Alex first meets Vadim, all she can think is that he is one hot guy. When he is able to talk to her telepathically, she knows he is something else besides just hot. When he tells her he is vampire, she is not sure she believes him. However, everyone, including Vadim is telling her she needs to stay away from him. He even goes so far as to say she is “bad blood,” which she takes to heart and hurts her feelings. Still, she has decided she has to have him at any cost. Unfortunately, there is more going on than Alex knows, because she and Vadim have a past, and it is only when Alex is brought face to face with it does she begin to understand. When her great uncle bestows something upon her that belonged to her ancestor, Marie, she notices right away that it changes her in some fashion. This change allows many wonderful things, but it also makes her more dangerous to Vadim, and as much as they might want each other, consummating their love could mean death. Will they be able to overcome the past and have a future together or is all lost?

This is an enjoyable read that does a nice job of weaving history, reincarnation, voodoo and vampires together to form a story. I liked the idea that a voodoo priestess and a vampire couldn’t really be together and the reason behind that, it made for entertaining story telling. I also thought that Alex was a very believable character, as was her great uncle. The description of Havenshire reminded me of other sleepy little rural towns I have visited. The counterfeit drug angle added some real spice to this story as well. While I enjoyed this book, the ending could have been crafted a bit better, but it did not take away from the rest of the book. If you enjoy vampire romance, then this book is worth reading.

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