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ISBN#: 9781607351788
August 2010
Resplendence Publishing
202 pages
Fantasy/ Paranormal Erotic Romance/ GLBT
Rating: 3 cups

Ori Jones is not a full-fledged shifter. The elders have no idea which bird he will be, but at their best guess, he will be a duck. Without a species, Ori has to service the other shifters in the nest--in every way they may desire--until one day a hawk comes by and whisks Ori away.

Frederick Raynard is a hawk shifter. As a bird of prey, he has a higher ranking in the nest environment. His disappointment in the way things are being handled at the nest is apparent when he takes Ori home with him. Raynard needs a personal servant and Ori needs a protector.

Raynard is faced with the daunting task of dealing with his uncle’s home. Dust, papers and chaos abound. Taking Ori home with him has several purposes, but the servant proves his worth as he deals with the mess. Raynard was not counting on his attraction to take over, or for Ori to share the attraction. When Ori is given the choice between the titles of servant or submissive, he chooses submissive and all that it entails.

I cannot begin to list the things I loved about this book. The originality struck me first and it stayed with me throughout. Ms. Dare takes a fairy tale from many peoples' childhoods and adds a dominant/submissive twist for a sexy read. We often read of people who shift into wolves, big cats or even bears, but a duck? I began reading with an idea of where this story would take me and was captivated by the journey which led me far away from what I originally thought. With beautifully described details and hot male/male sex, this reviewer enjoyed every single page of this book.

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