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Daughters of Erin Series
Book 1 - Countess of Scandal
Book 2 - Duchess of Sin
Book 3 - Lady of Seduction

Daughters of Erin series
ISBN# 9780446544764
December 1, 2010
Hachette Book Group
384 pages
Fiction, Romance, Historical
Rating: 5 cups

Lady Anna Blacknall, middle daughter of the angel of the city, is as daring as she is beautiful. The debutante of the family, the public eye is upon her to be proper and correct in her manner and choices. But the traumas of her past have left her haunted and depressed and drive her to do crazy things under the radar of the scrutiny of society.

Conlan McTerr, Duke of Adair, wants Ireland to be free from England almost as much as he wants Anna, but he doesn’t think the two coincide. Once having tasted her sweet lips, he again meets her in his den of inequity. Hungry for another taste, he cannot resist the lure of her vibrant beauty.

Through daytime encounters as members of Society and night time meetings that risk her reputation, they are driven by a passion to each other’s arms. With his secret life of Irish rebellion and her reckless life of lady by day and hellion by night, only two things can happen. Their fiery natures will either combust into a love that will burn with erotic magic for all their nights to come or self destruct causing disaster.

With a duke worth falling for and a lady who plays vapid by day to hide her quick intellect, this story has all that makes historical romance such a fun genre. Politics play a vital role in this well-formed plot and depictions of things like mobs, hangings and burnings keep the emotional level strung tight and yet tender throughout this fun story.

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