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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-06706-0
September 2009
Harlequin Medical
185 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Whoever said time heals all wounds never carried the pain and guilt that Dr. Arabella Burke bears like the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her sister and friends are dead… dead and never coming back, and Bella is completely, utterly, and horrifyingly numb.

In the blink of an eye Dr. Gabriel Velascos went from a celebrated surgeon to the father of a newborn baby girl. His sister’s death during childbirth was so sudden and unexpected that he found himself the instant father of his baby niece, a position he is highly unqualified for.

Coming to Peru to carry on the dream her sister started is the only thing that keeps Bella moving, but it is with a heavy heart and no small amount of procrastination that she takes over the cause. Her first day in Peru, however, provides plenty of distraction in the form of one gorgeous man and his very upset infant daughter, but Bella is disturbed by the tension radiating off of him. Gabriel has never felt so lost or overwhelmed in his life, and Bella keeps throwing him a lifeline he cannot refuse. They alternately butt heads, and hold each other up, but in the end they both know they will have to go their separate ways, and with half a world apart how could they possibly make it work?

Sadness and despair create havoc in the lives of Bella and Gabriel, but there is a glimmer of hope that holds this story up. Bella’s personality is quite noticeably tense and uptight, but it is her flight response that I find so extreme and questionable. As for Gabriel, his responses and reactions feel completely normal for any man who is thrust into the role of fatherhood within a moment’s notice. For a medical romance this story has more than enough action and drama to hold anyone’s interest, and the romance is only a small portion of its appeal.

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