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Neo Druid's book 1
ISBN: 978-1-920468-30-9
Oct 2010
Silver Publishing
162 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

During a secret ritual, Mitch Walker becomes initiated as the newest Druid in The Order. He is given two unique gifts, Foresight and Blink-step, but it is up to him to learn how to use and control his new powers.

Jill Reese and Mitch are co-workers at NeoTech where they write technical documents. The company enforces a strict “no fraternization” policy but, still, Jill daydreams about and lusts after Mitch. It frustrates her that he seems oblivious to her yearnings.

Shortly after the initiation ceremony, Mitch begins having odd visions. As his skill develops the visions become horribly frightening. A serial killer is at work, and it is possible this killer may not even be human. Mitch and the other Druid’s are in a race to stop the diabolical madman, known as the Full Moon Killer. Finally, with no other option left, the decision is made to enlist Jill’s help.

This story is quite original, and I enjoyed it much more after Mitch and Jill start their clandestine relationship, despite the fact their sexual encounters are more sweet than heat. The early graphic sexual scenes during the initiation and then with Jill’s masturbations are not particularly useful in moving the story forward. I get that the magical aspect of the initiation ritual was enhanced by the sexual aspect, but it just did not quite work for me. I would have found the spice more sensual if the secret sexual ritual and Jill’s self-pleasuring had rather just been hinted at or implied while the tension and heat were allowed to build toward full-ignition in later chapters. Instead, it seemed that, after the first few chapters, the fire fizzled. The final battle held me breathless and I finished the story quite replete and satisfied. I look forward to the next installment in this series.

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