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Dream Catchers Series
Book 1: Dream Bound

Dream Catchers, Book 2
ISBN# (13)9780758269355
30 October 2012
336 Pages
Erotic Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

For twenty years, Mac Dugan has dedicated his time and financial resources to freeing the Nyrian people from slavery. He has dreamed of the moment when his plans will come to fruition, in order to turn his thoughts toward a future with the woman who has haunted his dreams for two decades. Not only will his efforts save the Nyrian race, they will preserve the human one as well. This time, if Mac fails, the Gar will descend to earth and sap the planet of its resources to sate their own selfish needs.

Zianne knows time is running out for her people. Made of pure energy, the Nyrians need their soul stones to gain a physical form and live free from Gar’s dominion. For too long, she and her brethren have been imprisoned on the dark side of the moon, forced to spend their life’s breaths to power Gar’s society. Now it is up to her and her two lovers, Mac and Dink, to bring an end to the Nyrian’s enslavement.

Nils “Dink” Dinkemann is a reporter with his teeth sunk deep into the best story of all times, yet he cannot write a word of it. Nothing is worth the risk of causing not only widespread human panic, but also the potential of damaging the rescue of his lover Zianne. He knows their third, Mac, is working diligently to make certain their team of researchers has every chance of success, just as together Dink and Mac are doing their best to energize the Nyrians with their most carnal sexual fantasies.

Dream Unchained is the second and final installment of the Dream Catcher books, begun with a short novella in the Nightshift anthology. I would highly suggest readers start with the novella when delving into this complex alternate reality. The characters are numerous and the story is told in a shifting point of view style, which can be confusing to the uninitiated. For those who enjoy a generous helping of group sex, the Dream Catcher books deliver an almost constant flow of steamy sex scenes between the alien Nyrians, and the human research team.

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