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ISBN# 9781573446556
May 1,2011
Cleis Press
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Love Resurrection

Freya is a student of Lucien’s poetry. Seeking information for her book, she stays at what once was his home. What she finds there is passion.

Lucien was a poet whose misdeeds led to his poetry never receiving acclaim and eventually his forced service to the devil. Resurrected by Freya’s love, there are a few strings attached if he wants to stay…

Using arson to meet her needs, this heroine leaves something to be desired in the main character likeability department. It is, however, a very graphically erotic and pleasing story.

Dreaming By The Sea

Despy has longed to feel the kiss of the sea on her skin but is terrified to try. While lying on a rock, wishing for the courage, she finds a mysterious—and turned on—naked man.

Thane has travelled far and waited long to return to Despoine’s side. But will she be willing to relearn about the past she has chosen to forget?

Mermaids have long held the human race captivated with their mystique and rumored beauty. Devil hits a homerun with this luscious and Greek mythos inspired tale.

Devil’s Food

Lire, Creator of Divine Sweets, didn’t at first notice him. When she did, she realized he was nothing like her usual strange customer.

Thadeous visits the dessert shop to find something sweet to eat for his speedy metabolism. When he sees its lush owner, he knows just what he wants.

The hummingbird-like hero turns up the heat in this tasty treat. An erotic and magical tale, all in one irresistible bite.


Faith’s spirit guide gives her visions and burning need all in one package. Attracted to him, she repeatedly wakes from dreams of his demands that she should help him make it rain.

David, her longtime friend, has tried for a serious relationship with Faith, but she resists the commitment. Electricity almost sparks between them but is it enough to bring the rain?

No rain dance was ever quite as erotic as the one in this story. Although it seemed a bit rushed and left some questions unanswered, it was altogether a good tale.

Shattered Belle

Living in a ghost town, Belle sees a guy coming who may be the minister who would really help her deserted town. Concerned with her piety, no one really ever understood her. Perhaps the new minister will…

The Stranger wanders to the town after his wife died to scatter her ashes. Passion for his dead wife still haunts him. Does anything else?

A ghost story with a neat paranormal twist, Shattered Belle is different than anything I have ever read. A fun take on the amusements you can have instead of crossing over.

Living off Lovers

Rachel Walters knows that Merrick North watches her and she is attracted to him. She’s paranoid about his motivations, yet something about him draws her in. Haunted by dreams of Peter, she decides to go to Merrick.

Merrick has a hole in his wall going to the next apartment with Peter written on it. Is he the one Rachel has been hungering for?

A ménage with both a living man and a dead one is a passionate blend of the paranormal and the erotic. The tenderness and love between the ghosts make this story romantic if slightly strange.

Where the Heart Is

Rhiannon Bryson dreams of the man in the mists who passionately fulfills her and awakens just before he bites her. She decides to look for this dream lover against the recommendations of everyone she knows.

Edgar hungers for Rhiannon’s blood. Half mad, he is little more than a feral animal gone wild.

Elements of this story were a bit of a stretch, from Rhiannon’s convenient injury and how it is obtained to the gullibility of the heroine. The inaccuracies detracted from what otherwise would have been an erotic, if twisted tale.

Freeing the Demon

Jayne sells her body for money but she is becoming weary of sex. Detached and empty, she is too numb to even change her situation, but she is becoming obsessed with a gargoyle.

Trapped by stone in the body of a gargoyle, Jayne awakens the demon’s desire. Although he cannot free himself, can Jayne?

Ending abruptly with many questions unanswered, it was an interesting story as few heroines are cold-blooded prostitutes with an agenda. Although unusual and passionate, the abruptness of the ending was jarring to this reader.

Old-Fashioned Glamour

Amy is a witch and she is headed to a reunion because she can’t stop thinking about Scott. A mistake she made when she was a teenager haunts her, but she cannot resist the lure of seeing him.

Scott can see Amy beyond the spell she cast to hide herself. His love for her is strong… but is it strong enough to get past what happened before?

With so much action, the story did feel a bit rushed and quite a few things were unexplained. The romance between the main characters was tender, if slightly unbelievable due to lack of development leading up to it.

Moongirl Meets the Wolfman

Moongirl is running from the wolfman. Giving into Hayden seems easy, because he is the one person who doesn’t think she is mad.

Hayden is the wolfman. His arrogance over his magic and his feelings about women border on harsh, but he is blindly devoted to taking Moongirl.

Animalistic sex is the highlight of this story. There was little character development or attempt to make either of the characters likeable leaving the reader detached from caring when their passion ignites.


In a military laboratory, Louisa is a telepath who studies herself and others like her. Obsessed with her attraction with Devlin, she tries to hide her growing lust.

Devlin doesn’t work with the telepaths but has seen Louisa. He has wanted her for a long time but does he dare take what he desires?

Tenderness and feelings between the main characters is obvious and well constructed. Melding humor with romance, it wasn’t as erotic as it was sweet.

For Humans, Love is All about Weight

She gets a bird from a woman she doesn’t like because of a prophecy that upset her long ago. Stinging from a recent breakup, she notices that the bird has human eyes.

Birdman was freed by his new mistress. Will he be able to convince her that he will stay true?

Graphically describing things like spittle, it was slightly disturbing in the mental pictures that the words drew in my mind. With a strange rhythm and the vivid imagery, it was more awkward than it was lusty.

Succubus Comes Home

Alice, succubus, is very good at her job. With a certain required amount of lust energy that she has to send to hell, she has to be.

Antony, or so he claims, meets her move for move. He has always loved Alice, but can he convince her that they have a chance?

A cute romantic tale, even though the topic was based on characters feeding the fiery pits. Well-developed romance between the characters made the sex all the better.


Rose, a college student, is haunted by dreams of a lover she has never met, and is drawn to an old, abandoned mansion. Unhappy, she is recovering from a break up and decides to look for peace at the mansion.

Camalus is trapped in a statue—has been for centuries— and has been calling Rose for some time. He was waiting for Rose, but can their love last beyond this one night?

Rose is a bit of a wilting violet who makes decisions that are somewhat questionable for the sake of a dream lover. Beyond this, it was a cute little romance with a fun ending twist.

Lust as Old as Us

Lisa is in love with Zach, who is a vampire. She wants to have children and a family and isn’t willing to give her life up for the promise of forever.

Zach wants Lisa to stay with him forever in immortality. But could he ever accept her after she chose a different way?

This story was truly romantic, nearly a tear jerker. Evolving from the foolhardy obsession of first love to the more mature love of middle age, this story was lovely in its construction.

The Eye of the Pearl

Lele falls for the magical creature, even knowing he is doomed. Vowing to fight to the end, she spurs Kieran to fight for their love.

Keiran doesn’t fear his fate nearly as much as he fears losing the flower he has fallen in love with. Can he find some way to remember the feel of her when the demon comes to exact his price?

A fairy tale sort of story with Lele as the hero, this tale had an ending worthy of any dark stories I read as a child. With an adult bit of eroticism, it was altogether an excellent read.

Thief of Dreams

Michelle meets a dream lover each night when she sleeps. But she is plagued by reoccurring insomnia, keeping her from meeting him.

Victor needs Michelle to dream to keep him alive. Can he find the key to what is stopping her from sleeping so that he can again make love to her?

Sexy and slick, this story gave the suggestion of long-term romance while focusing on what changed. Erotic and with elements of BDSM, this one will leave readers fanning the flames ignited on the page.

Altogether, a very good collection of paranormal erotica. The stories were easy to read and the authors did a wonderful job in creating believable and lusty fiction within the realms of the pages.

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