Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 978-0-9836764-4-7
November 2011
Winter Goose Publishing
121 Pages
Collection of Poems, Poetry & Prose
Rating: 4 Cups

Life often cast many cares upon us; anything from gladness, to sadness, to extreme hurt, to bountiful treasures without measure. Poems often have a way of allowing one to reflect upon life and the struggles we share. Induced Sleep is one poem that tells of one heartbroken and living each day unburdened. It shows how normally each morning can make a difference.

Empty Bottle shares precious moments that one sometimes embrace inside a bottle. Your Escape carries a person along a road trekked in pity and disappointment, as they continue on, seeing and feeling. Bad Religion echoes of one often hiding behind a mirror, frequently blind to real truth. Circle Spun, Buried, Missing You, and Remembering Closure are only a few of the precious poems with motivating words of comfort and solace.

Inside this thought, provoking journey of inspirations, a person finds there is just about anything composed to touch upon the heart. There are words that the reader finds sometimes reflects admissions that have occurred in their lifetime. The poems are loving, motivated and inspirational. After reading, Remembering Closure, this reader thought of the loved ones that had stepped in and out of her life. It allows the reader to feel the journey that has shown throughout her life, and the one she continues to take daily.

Dreaming In Darkness is a collection of poems that do indeed touch upon the reader. The style and clarity within each of the words inspires and lifts those who have been hurt, lost or even struggling with everyday events. Jessie Kristie emits different levels of emotions in each of her poems. She creates elegant words and shapes them into various poems that this reader wanted to read again. I found this a breathtaking prose of words that this reader could relate.

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