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Dragon Knights Series

Book 1: Maiden Flight
Book 2: Border Lair
Book 3: The Ice Dragon
Book 4: Prince of Spies
Book 5: Firedrake
Book 6: Dragon Storm

ISBN #1-59998-022-3
February 2006
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
145 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Belora is a virgin who helps her mother survive in the deep forest. Her mother, Adora, is a healer and Belora has a touch of the healing powers herself. While poaching on the land belonging to the King, Belora comes across a dragon named Kelvan. They discover they can mind-speak, a rare occurrence between dragons and humans. Kelvan insists that Belora meet his knight and partner Sir Gareth.

Sir Gareth is a knight bonded and partnered with a dragon named Kelvan. Their King has asked them to help with the coming war against the King of Skithdron. Gareth meets Belora and is hot for her. Soon he finds himself thinking about mating with Belora. He realizes he must teach Belora the Border Lair ways first though. Of course, until he marries, his dragon partner must stay mateless. Kelvan is definitely all for Belora mating with Gareth.

Due to the shortage of available women, they marry two knights when the dragons mate. Belora agrees to become the wife of both Gareth and Lars when Kelvan mates with Lars’ dragon. Adora, mother to Belora, is attacked by the Skiths. The dragon mate of Kelvan rescues Adora, but needs healing to survive. Belora discovers her special powers when she performs her healing magic upon the female dragon. In addition, the knights realize a secret about Belora and promise to search for her two sisters who were kidnapped.

This very steamy romance will have your blood pressure rising rapidly. A ménage-a-trois happens between Gareth, Lars, and Belora. The heat they generate will have you hyperventilating. Not all issues are resolved in this story, so we can look forward to another book. I definitely plan to read the next story in this series.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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