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ISBN# 9781603944458
July 2010
New Concepts Publishing
135 Pages
Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Marlee is a junior FBI agent who, while training, is nearly killed by a bear, or so she thinks. Upon her rescue, she remembers a cave with two men, but nothing else, and then she finds out she is pregnant. Going back to the woods, Marlee meets a handsome man, but is he there to help her or is he part of a conspiracy? All she knows is that she wants him desperately, even as she tries to remember the men in the cave.

Brothers Ian, John, and Gabriel not only save Marlee from a bear, but from the dangers of the FBI and those who want the Native Americans’ secrets. Knowing she is carrying their children, they and their three other brothers will do anything to protect their offspring, even from Marlee.

While Marlee tries to discover what happened to her, and the men try to protect her and themselves, their lives together are threatened not only by the past, but with the human world as well. If they cannot find a way together, their lives could be forfeit.

The interaction between Marlee and the brothers is compelling. This allowed the later sex scenes in the book to be thrilling and exciting. Each man brought a different style of sensuality. The writing was good, the dialogue great, the setting well written, but the book stops abruptly. I had to wonder if I had missed some pages. The worst part of the book to me was the subplot that because they had saved her life, and she was in “heat”, having sex repeatedly with an unconscious woman was acceptable. Ms Montague is a talented writer, but this book does have flaws.

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