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ISBN#: 9780061561627
February 2010
EOS, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
496 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Alise Finbok has made it her life’s work to study the legends of the dragon and the Elderlings. Marrying a wealthy man has given her the opportunity to purchase the scrolls she wishes to study, but a trip to the Rain Wilds is her deepest desire. This would be a trip where she can study the dragons, which have come back to the world.

Thymara is a Rain Wilds child. As a baby she was taken from her family and left in the forest because she had been too touched by the wild; she did not look like the others. Her father retrieved her and loved her unconditionally, but her mother is a bitter woman. Thymara’s mother hears about a job where her daughter’s life would be in danger, but at least she would be gone from the family home. Thymara will be a dragon keeper.

The dragons may have returned to the world, but they are misshapen and unable to care for themselves. Thymara is present when they emerge from their cocoons. Life is not good for the dragons. They cannot fly or hunt for themselves, making them a huge burden on the people of the Rain Wilds. The dragons are unhappy and want to leave the Rain Wilds for a place they only have memories of, Kelsingra. This place is the utopia for dragons, but the Rain Wilds dragons will need a keeper to hunt for them and guide them to this place. Thymara, against her father’s wishes, agrees to the duty and the adventure of a lifetime.

Robin Hobb’s incredible imagination expands to envelop the reader in the world of the Rain Wilds. Having never read one of her books before, I had no idea what to expect. I became so involved with this story that it was hard for me to set down. Alise and Thymara come from such different backgrounds, yet they have the same goal in mind. The world of Rain Wilds is imagined, yet it takes on a feeling of such reality in the reader’s mind. I was taken from one adventure to the next and the excitement never died. Becoming acquainted with the people and dragons of the Rain Wilds was a pleasure for this reviewer.

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