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On Dublin Street Series

Book 1: On Dublin Street
Book 2: Down London Road
Book 3: Before Jamaica Lane
Book 4: Fall from India Place

On Dublin Street Series Book 2
ISBN # 9780451419712
May 7, 2013
384 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The only thing Johanna Walker wants in a relationship is a decent man with a decent paycheck to take care of her and her younger brother, Cole. Their mother is a mean drunk who can barely leave the flat to get more booze. Neither Johanna nor Cole can count on her to pitch in. Johanna pays the bills by working two jobs and selling the trinkets she receives from the men she dates.

Then Cameron McCabe stumbles into Johanna’s life like a whirlwind smelling of passion and fulfillment. He works alongside Johanna tending bar and even winds up renting the flat upstairs. If only she can get rid of the uncontrollable chemistry that sizzles between them. She must close the deal with her latest Mr. Right and secure a future for her and Cole.

Before long, Cameron has insinuated himself into every part of her life. He is nothing she ever expected and determined to uncover the secrets Johanna has been hiding. How can Johanna walk away from the one man who makes her tingle? Especially when she wants so badly to give in.

This book is the follow up to Ms. Young’s book, On Dublin Street. Readers will recognize some of the fiery secondary cast members as they sink right into Johanna’s life. Though some of the subject matter is highly charged, it is handled with sensitivity. The writing is gritty and real, with emotional ups and downs that will suck you right in and keep those pages turning.

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