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ISBN # 978-1-60767-097-1
February 2010
Tease Publishing, LLC
Price: $4.99
150 pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Ménage a Trois or Sci-fi/Fantasy/Multiple Partners
Rating: 3 cups

Brothers Castor and Pollux have been in the heavens, hanging out in the sky as the Gemini constellation for centuries. Born as twins, without the same fathers, the brothers have lived on as stars and in stories since the near death of Castor. Now Zeus calls them down from the heavens to Mount Olympus to give them an offer they cannot refuse.

If they find their mates, they can live in immortality in Mount Olympus with them due to some guilt (and motivation from a certain lady of mythos) that Zeus is feeling. The catch? If they do not find their mates in a month of Earth time, then in Hades they will go for all eternity.

Distracted by the plethora of women that California has to offer, the brothers blast through their first weeks with a tangle of willing bodies wrapped around their own after their long, chaste time among the stars. Despairing that their mates will not be found, they are hit by surprise when they meet the intelligent and sexy Anissa, woman of both their dreams. When the sparks fly, Anissa is torn between choosing between the two Greek Gods come to life… but why choose if you could have them both?

Although a very sexy read, I was a bit put off by the speaking voices of the characters I knew and loved from Greek mythology. Zeus, who always seemed almost Bill Clinton-like (dashing and full of leadership but with that little bit of a nasty side just hidden beneath the façade of easy leadership) in my mind was in this story a leering, dirty old man. This took away from his power. The twins themselves are enough to make anyone pant and are supposed to be intelligent businessmen in our society, yet they talk in a base way that took away from the heat of the scenes. If this story had a bit more subplot and tension, it would have been 5 cups. What it lacked in tension, it made up for in sheer passion. The sexier scenes were brilliantly written in a way that made me feel sandwiched between the two naked men and almost feel their breath on my cheek as their hands slid over me…

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