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ISBN#: 1-59836-342-5
June 2006
Venus Press, LLC
154 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ex-tracker Di has her hands full when sexy Calix walks in the door of her all female sex club. She already has enough trouble, what with keeping the local mob bosses paid off and her government taxes paid, without a man adding to her troubles.

Cal has spent the last fifteen years trying to find out where the government stashed his brother AJ. He has finally discovered where, but needs Di’s tracker expertise to help him get AJ off the penal island he has lived on since his abduction. He is not taking no for an answer.

When Di’s club is overrun with government agents, Cal forcibly removes her from the premises just before a bomb goes off, destroying her livelihood. He takes her to his house, where she discovers comforts she never dreamed existed. However, their mutual sexual curiosity eventually gets the better of both of them. By the time they reach the island, all bets are off. It becomes a race against time to see whether the three will make it off the island alive, and if Cal and Di’s relationship can survive the involvement of Cal’s brother.

This book is extremely enjoyable! Reading about Di’s uncertainty when she finds herself attracted to both men is comical. Since the culture she grew up in did not really allow her to develop sexual taboos, very little is taboo to her and she takes the challenge of being attracted to two men admirably. In addition, the world building is well done and imaginative. I savored learning about this off-world society where love is not an option and relationships between members of the opposite sex are outlawed. This is a great read that I would recommend to all who enjoy romances with kick-butt heroines and the men who love them!

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