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ISBN#: 9780061632662/ 9780061933141
July 2009
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Zoe Octavia always rebelled against the rules that governed young women’s behavior, often running away. Her father’s ward, Lucien, always found her. But when she was kidnapped in Cairo when she was twelve, there was no one to find her and she ended up in a harem for twelve years.

Lucien, Duke of Marchmont, is powerful and a leader of society. He is famous for not caring about anything. A lifetime of losing the people he loves is the reason.

When Zoe Lexham reappears after being kidnapped and sold into a harem for twelve years, Lucien does not believe that it is truly Zoe at first, the first bet he is to lose. It is really Zoe, and she needs his help to reenter London Society and have the life that was stolen from her. She is a challenge and a temptation in one package, and Lucien rapidly comes to the conclusion that he does not want anyone else to have her.

I just loved this book. As usual, Ms. Chase has put her own original spin on the Regency Era Historical Romance. The heroine has spent the last twelve years in a harem. This has changed her in many ways, but she is still the strong-willed Original that Lucien remembers. Lucien’s care-for-nothing ways in a large part originated in her disappearance, so the love story is inevitable and so enjoyable to read. The senior servants’ animosity, theft, and attempted revenge makes a pretty exciting subplot to the story. The author tells a story with humor, romance and suspense making it impossible to put down until the last page. I just could not get enough of the two main characters.

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