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ISBN#: 978-1-936165-91-9
March 2011
Purple Sword Publications
145 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance/M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

RJ Sommers owns and runs a wedding consulting business. But he is not having much luck when it comes to love. He has just been dumped by his live-in lover, and his best friends have just gotten married. Life is not being kind to RJ.

Julian is a nurse and a very nurturing individual. He has been admiring RJ from afar, and the only thing that has kept him from going for his man is the fact that RJ had a boyfriend. Now that he does not, Julian is just waiting for the right opportunity.

RJ has had it. Even though his mother is an alcoholic, and he knows drinking is not the solution, being dumped by his boyfriend, and watching his best friends get married is just too much. So, he really ties one on. Fortunately for him, Julian decides to crash the party and in doing so rescues RJ from a very unsavory character. When RJ wakes up the next morning feeling awful and having barely any memory of the night before, it is almost more than he can take. But when all that includes a naked stranger in his bed, he panicks! Julian knows he has some explaining to do when he wakes up to RJ getting dressed and trying to figure out who he is and what he is doing in RJ’s bed. Will RJ believe that Julian cares for him and only wants to help, or will he kick the man who has his best interests at heart to the curb?

Doing Love Right hit all the right notes with me, I LOVED it!! The caring that Julian shows RJ right from the start, and his support and forgiveness even when RJ is a total jerk are exemplary. I loved how he brought RJ out of his shell and showed him that loving someone and allowing yourself to trust that person is not a weakness. The shower scenes in this book are enough to ignite a reader’s eyebrows; the emotions and caring expressed during them between these two men just melts the heart. I also really enjoyed the side storyline about Tiffany and her situation and how Julian and RJ help her, it just totally captured my heart. It is not often that I read a book that I want to tell everyone about, but this is that book. If you have not read Doing Love Right then you are missing out, be sure and get your copy today, it is worth every penny and then some!

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