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9781611162592 Electronic/ 9781611162608 Paperback
June 7, 2013
Harbourlight Books
266 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Mark Graham is an ex-marine who has a few secrets surrounding the death of his best friend Chris. He tried to save him but was not able to do so. Now his past is coming back in the form of Chris's sister Beth and he finds himself having feelings for her, but if the truth comes out, will he lose her now that he just found her?

Beth Martindale always had a crush on Mark but he was older and always saw her as Chris's little sister. Needing a change, Beth moves to California and finds herself face to face with her crush. Her feelings have not changed over the years.

When a psychopath sets his sights on Beth, Mark wants to protect her, but is unsure if he can. The secrets Mark has can truly hurt Beth and he may lose her forever. That is, if the stalker has not gotten to her first. With both relying on their faith in God, hopefully things will work out.

What a great storyline. I found myself rooting for Beth and Mark to end up together and overcoming the problems life has thrown at them. However, I could not help but wish for a bit more of a connection between them; yet in no way does it take away from the storyline and the mystery of the stalker keeps you guessing till the end.

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