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ISBN: 9781615724116
2009-Self Published/June 2011-Reprint
Self-Published/ Eternal Press
$ Unavailable
501 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Aiden, the Duke of Thistledowne, is a man used to getting what he wants. Taking one look at the saucy redhead while in Scotland, Aiden knows he must have her.

Jezebel, Countess of Kinley, has taken care of her home and business since her father and her brother died. She is used to being independent as well as making decisions that affect everyone around her.

Now some duke wants her to fall at his feet and beg him for marriage all because of who he is? Jezebel refuses the arrogant man’s proposal, even though she knows to do so is to laugh in the face of danger. But Aiden is a fierce adversary, and he goes about tarnishing her reputation to give him exactly what he wants. Even as they dance around their feelings of love, questions of trust come up when someone attempts to take his life and the clues point to the woman determined to not wed him. Can Aiden get Jezebel to agree to a marriage and will he figure out who is out to kill him? For her part, will she get the duke to realize how much she really cares for him and not his money?

Dishonorable Intentions was hard for me to read at times as the tumultuous relationship between Jezebel and Aiden was so hard to follow. One minute Aiden is being romantic and the next he is calling her names and throwing a temper tantrum that reminded me of a child. I could not grasp the concept of the upheavals that were constantly thrown into the novel, especially since it seemed they were the same thing over and over again. Jezebel’s character was just as bad, swearing she hated the man and was disgusted with his attitude and then declaring her love for him and agreeing to marry him. While I could not always see eye to eye with Ms. Davenport’s writing, I must say I found the historical aspects of the novel were accurate and allowed me to enjoy most of the tale.

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