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ISBN# (10): 1-4165-9160-5/(13): 978-1-4165-9160-3
May 11, 2009
Baen Publishing Enterprises
PO Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471
Hard Cover
512 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Prince Del-Kurj Arden Valdoria kya Skolia Dalvador Bard, Fifth Heir of the Ruby Throne, is seventy-one in Earth years, but looks like he is only seventeen. At the moment, he is being interrogated by the Annapolis Military Base and getting irritated.

Mac Tyler is consultant to institute good liaison with Del’s family. It was the Earth Leaders of the Annapolis Military Complex that served the Allied Space Command, who enlisted Mac to have an affiliation with Del’s family.

Not long after the earth’s military took over Del’s home, which was part of the Skolian Imperialate, an interstellar Empire, Del met Mac. With the Allied Government staying neutral, they had agreed to shelter Del’s family. Even though Del never got along well with the military, he and Mac hit it off. He may not fully trust Mac, but he still enjoys his company. Del is a singer, along with his brother and father. Mac listens to Del’s songs and likes what he hears. It is Del’s dream to be a rock star. When he meets Ricki, sparks begin to fly. Their relationship continues to blossom but there is one problem, Ricki’s home is earth, and Del wonders where that will leave him when he is back with his home.

I found Diamond Star easy to follow as it flowed at a good pace. The many characters allowed the reader to get to know each one of them. It was interesting watching Del trying to keep a grip on his anger so he would not start punching out certain people. The ‘not knowing how to love’ between Del and Ricki left an impact on my heart. The romance between the couple is beautifully done. Catherine Asaro tells a lovely story that consumes the reader. I love the way she blends in the different worlds and lifestyles with earth making it an excellent read.

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