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ISBN: 9781611187212
January 2012
Loose Id
232 Pages
LGBT Multicultural Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

When Samura was eight years old, he ran away from his evil father and was welcomed into the Dharma Café with open arms. Ten years has passed since he first walked through the doors, and while his past continues to haunt him, he knows he can never go back.

Charlie finds himself out on the street after getting physically attacked by someone he thought liked him, and then emotionally attacked by the two people he trusted the most. He does not expect to find his world turned upside down even more when he finds a dumpster full of fresh food behind a restaurant.

Chef Agatha knows that Samura has been holding back, but she senses big changes are coming his way. When she tells Samura to take out the garbage, she knows the time has come for his life to take a turn...hopefully for the better.

When Charlie starts working for Dharma Café, he does not notice the fact that there are no menus, nor are the meals paid for. He soon becomes aware that this is no ordinary restaurant, but one that feeds the customers' need in a very magical way. While he wants to run as far away as possible from the sorcery in the restaurant, he begins to understand that he has some magic of his own. Trying to learn his own powers while ignoring his growing attraction towards Samura is hard enough, but when his potential lover's father shows up, Charlie realizes he may never get the chance to truly show Samura how he feels. Is it too late for the two men who have lost and gained so much in their lifetime?

I have to say I had a hard time understanding some of the aspects of Dharma Café. It was not hard to read, but some of the scenarios were hard to grasp. One example is the clothing angle of sorcery as I did not quite understand what that was all about. However, this did not deter me from enjoying the book for other reasons. I loved the interaction between Samura and Charlie, as it really showed the way both had feelings for the other and the suffering they went through as they tried to delay the other one from realizing it. Chef Agatha herself is a force to be reckoned with as her powerful magic practically flowed through the pages of the book. But the most impressive part of this story was watching Samura gain the necessary momentum to finally see that he was not the same scared little boy that he was when he first entered Dharma Café. Ms. Freely has written an interesting tale full of magic, love, and two characters whose horrible pasts link them in a very special way.

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