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ISBN# 978-1-59632-270-7
June 2006
Loose Id, LLC
175 Pages
Action Adventure; Erotic Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Homeland Security Agent Ali Donovan hates the on-again off-again nature of her relationship with her lover and fellow agent, Jack Gunnison, and longs for something more permanent. However, Gun has made no moves to make their affair of the long-term kind and Ali fears that he may never do so.

Contrary to what Ali thinks, Gun is madly in love with her. He is just terrified to make a commitment. Burned by an ex-wife who could not handle the nature of the work he did, he thinks he is a bad risk for anything other than fun between the sheets. So he does what he can to keep it light between himself and Ali.

However, when he and Ali go toe-to-toe with the brother of a Columbian drug lord, the dynamics change drastically. Only when he nearly loses Ali because he allows his over protectiveness to get the better of him, rather than trusting her instincts, does he realize what he must do.

Ms. Womack does Action Adventure with style! This is a great book with incredibly realistic detail when it comes to what agents must deal with on the job. Exciting in the extreme, it is a roller coaster ride up until the end. Hot and sexy love scenes range throughout the entire book. I could have sworn the pages themselves sizzled at times! The characters and their lives are described in a way that is authentic and easy to relate to. If you like a lot of fiery sex mixed in with your Action Adventure, then this is the book for you!

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