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Midnight Books

Book 1 - Fantasy (Anthology)
Book 2 - Catching Midnight
Book 3 - Hunting Midnight
Book 4 - Hot Blooded (Anthology)
Book 5 - Courting Midnight
Trilogy Featuring Edmund Fitz Clare
Book 6 - Kissing Midnight
Book 7 - Breaking Midnight
Book 8 - Saving Midnight
Book 9 - Devil at Midnight

Book 1 of a duology featuring Christian Durand, Book 9 in the Midnight series
ISBN: 978-0-425-23781-6
November 2010
Berkley Sensation
322 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Being on the receiving end of her father’s fist for most of her life, Grace Gladwell is very good at disguising not only her bruises but her shame as well. She could never understand why it should be so hard to have that unconditional love that most people take for granted.

He may be his father’s son, but Christian Durand knows he is just one more mercenary under Gregori’s command. The man is stone cold and perfectly capable of ridding himself of any threat, including a son who may one day think he can take over that control.

Her father’s anger finally manifested itself so viciously that Grace’s life is teetering on the brink, and as she languishes in that in between, a whole new existence opens up for her. Leaving her corporeal body in 1950 Ohio, Grace becomes a ghostly apparition in 1460 Italy, and meets Christian. A man like no other she will ever know, Christian becomes her reason for existing, and his need for her is just as powerful. Their passion for each other is hampered only by Grace’s inability to maintain solid form, but a much darker force is working steadily to claim Christian in a way that neither he nor Grace can comprehend, until it is too late.

Ms. Holly’s work masters the art of unrestrained emotion, driving you seamlessly from joy to sorrow, from passion to pain. You never have a moment’s peace when page after page Christian and Grace lead you on a tumultuous journey of unbridled ecstasy laced with heart wrenching moments of grief. And through all of this there is a woman you want to hate and blame, but somehow she maintains an air of honesty that you must grudgingly accept. Choices are made that you will rail against, but like any great author this one will have you begging for more.

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