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ISBN: (13)9780373266722/ (10)0373266723
May 2009
Worldwide Library Worldwide Mystery, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
$5.99-US/ $6.99-CAN
283 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Leigh Girard is starting a new life, or trying to. After cancer attacked her chest and left her feeling less than whole, she divorced her husband and moved from Chicago to Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. As the newest reporter for the small town newspaper, her job entails breathing life into the obituaries.

Eva Peck is the surviving widow of Carl Peck, a man with a mixed past according to who you talked to. Eva feels that Carl did not die from a heart attack or even from too much drinking, but thinks he was murdered. She turns to Leigh to find out what happened to Carl and who would want to kill him.

With a list of suspects a mile long, Leigh begins searching for the truth beginning with the Peck's daughter, Sarah. Sarah feels that her father got his just desserts and does not have any feelings of grief where his death is concerned; she just wants their lives to go back to being normal. Another name on the list is Renn Woulff, a man who was supposedly conned out of family property by Carl. The list of suspects continues to grow and bodies continue to pile up as Leigh maintains her search for the truth; even as she uncovers a deadly secret that goes back over twenty years.

From the first page until the very last, Destroying Angels riveted me. Ms. Lukasik had me turning pages just to see what happens next as I tried to figure out who did what. One of the reasons I love this book is because when I had to walk away from the story, I still had my mind playing out the mystery and what Leigh was going to do next. I found that her courage from being a cancer survivor and her take charge attitude make her an amazing heroine anyone would be proud to read about. With a storyline that will have you guessing, characters shrouded in mystery, and a woman determined to give the dead justice, this novel is a brilliant beginning to a series that will have any reader clamoring for more!

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