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The Avalon Trilogy

Book 1: Destined to Play
Book 2: Destined to Feel

The Avalon Trilogy, Book 2
ISBN# 9780062243607
12 February 2013
Avon Red
Trade Paperback
323 Pages
Fiction Erotica
Rating: 2 Cups

The almost unbearable excitement of meeting up with her lover devolves into terror for Dr. Alexandra Blake when her travel plans take on a very sinister turn. She has no idea who wants her or why. She only prays she will live to see her children again.

Absolute horror consumes Dr. Jeremy Quinn when he sees Alexa disappear before his eyes. He knows instantly that his research has put her in harm’s way, and he will stop at nothing to have her safely back in his arms.

This whole situation is beyond surreal, which makes Alexa wonder if she is somehow dreaming the entire thing. Unfortunately, it becomes all too apparent that what these people want from her is very much real. Their terms seem reasonable enough, yet despite how much her body is enjoying their experiments, Alexa is well aware there is nothing she can do to stop them. Jeremy is nearly out of his mind trying to find Alexa, knowing if he does, nothing will keep him from her ever again.

Ms. Bloome is an amazing author, with the ability to put you right in the moment with her characters, which in this case makes me very uncomfortable. The whole situation Alexa is in is so unnerving that to see her actually enjoy it feels completely off. While it may be stimulating, in the basest most clinical way, there is very little about this storyline that I find passionate or sensual. In my opinion, only Jeremy’s actions fit the situation to perfection, and every ounce of fear and terror he feels comes across loud and clear.

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