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Midnight Liaisons

Book 1: Beauty Dates the Beast
Book 2: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter
Book 3: Must Love Fangs

Midnight Liaisons Book 2
ISBN#: 781451661811
October 30, 2012
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bitten and turned into a wolf shifter against her will, Sara can hardly abide the touch of a man. When she is aggressively pursued by a local wolf pack and informed she must submit to the pack and mate within it, she is terrified. Her only chance to maintain her independence and sense of self is to pretend to be mated to someone else. The mating bond supersedes even the claim of her unwanted pack, but only if she finds the biggest, baddest, shifter to be her personal protector.

Ramsey Bjorn prefers to stay silent. Nobody does big and menacing like a bear shifter with a knack for protecting others. When Ramsey is asked to participate in a scheme to be Sara’s mate and keep her safe from the Anderson wolf pack, he accepts the job. What he cannot understand is how deeply Sara’s resilience against her horrific past will affect him.

In the beginning Ramsey is nothing but a substitute for Sara, a man she did not want. Before long, she is realizing how much it means to her that she can utterly depend on the strength, silence, and nobility of the bear. Not only will Ramsey help Sara learn to live with the wolf part of her nature, his patience begins ripping down the barriers Sara has built between herself and the intimacy she so desperately craves. How long before a scam mating becomes a bond strong enough to withstand anything life throws at them?

Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter is a fast paced story with snappy dialog and loveable characters. Though I am not generally a fan of shifter novels, I enjoyed the subtle blending of animal natures and human characterization. Sara’s turbulent past assaults are handled delicately with an eye toward the honest psychological damage often incurred by victims of such abuse. This is a well-written novel that lovers of paranormal romance will enjoy.

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