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ISBN#: 9781585427710/9781101162460/ 9781101163092
December 2009
Tarcher/Penguin Group
180 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups


She is the wife who gets left home alone while her husband takes overseas business trips. She misses him while he is gone.

Mark is her husband. He hates leaving her as much as she hates him being gone but he has to make a living.

When Mark leaves her a present to use while he is gone, she learns the true meaning of the gift of Midas. That coupled with their cell phones makes for some very hot sex.

A fun and interesting story about a husband who makes it clear that his wife is always on his mind while he is traveling.

Hire Love

Hannah is an overworked executive who has not had sex in months. Too busy to date she hires an escort for a company event and gets more than she bargained for.

He is her escort for hire, and he shows her that it is not all about the money.

Hot sex with her escort shows Hannah what she has been missing over the previous months when it comes to sex. The fact that her escort is actually a nice guy and attracted to her in real life does not hurt either.

A hot read about a woman who has not been taking time to take care of her needs, and the man who takes care of all of them, and not just for the money!

While most of us would not think of hiring an escort, it made sense for Hannah to do so. The way this story ended made for some very excellent reading. This is one story not to be missed.

Sucker Punch

Carrie is a woman with an obsession with one particular boxer. She has loved him from afar since she saw him fight at age sixteen.

Her boxer is the reigning champion but he is about to beaten.

When Carrie’s boxer is beaten by another boxer she is sad but she is still his biggest fan. Little does she know his loss could be her gain. When his manager who recognizes her as his charge’s biggest fan offers to let her go behind the scenes and comfort her favorite boxer, little does she know it will lead to the hottest sex of her life.

This was probably my favorite story in this book. I loved the ending, and I loved how the heroine had her biggest wish come true. The hot sex did not hurt either!

Always the Bridesmaid

Polly is about to get married and is spending her last night as a single woman with her friend Sammy.

Sammy is Polly’s friend.

When Polly and Sammy arrive at their hotel room neither has any idea what is going to happen. But when Sammy starts talking about all the sexual things she has never done including being with a woman, things start to heat up. Polly gets more than she bargained for with the wedding present that Sammy gives her.

This was an enjoyable and sexy read. I liked the fact that the two remained friends afterwards, although I was less enthused about the fact that the bride-to-be was not faithful to her husband-to-be.

The Mistress’s Apprentice

Tina is a cleaning lady with big dreams that she aspires to but does not know if they will ever come true.

Charlotte is a dominatrix who is living Tina’s dream.

Charlotte is Tina’s favorite client, however, most of the time Charlotte conducts her business when Tina is not there.

One day though this changes and Charlotte allows her to get a glimpse of what she does for a living. That is the first step. Later on, someone Tina knows arrives and Tina, instead of finding Charlotte, takes on the dominatrix’s roll. Will she be able to continue living her dream?

This story is highly erotic in the extreme. I enjoyed the light BDSM more than the way Tina and Charlotte speak to clients. While I can understand some people needing to submit sexually, the more extreme variations such as with a dominatrix I have a harder time comprehending. Still this is a good story and well worth reading.

The Hitcher

Alice and Paul are a couple. They have talked about their fantasies with each other but they never dreamed they would get to live one of them out.

Jim is a hitchhiker that Alice and Paul pick up.

When Alice and Paul pick up Jim, a young college student it is not long before the sex talk is flying. When it becomes apparent that Jim is willing to fulfill a fantasy of theirs, the heat is on.

This story is true fantasy material. I mean who has not fantasized about what it would be like to pick up a hitchhiker and have sex with him or her? I liked this story, it is very sexual and the wording is right out of every woman’s and man’s for that matter fantasy.

The Diagnosis

Leila is dressed as a sexy nurse for her friend’s costume party.

Jay is another friend of her friend’s who just happens to be dressed as a doctor.

When Jay catches Leila about to light a cigarette he uses it as an excuse to come over and talk to her. The talk quickly turns sexual and Leila is willingly led to a dark corner where the talk turns to even more sexual actions.

This was one funny story! I found it highly amusing and the sexual banter really cracked me up.


Bethany works in a furniture store and met her boyfriend Max there. On their one year anniversary, Bethany wants to give Max the perfect gift.

Max is Bethany’s boyfriend.

When Bethany takes Max to the furniture store she works at after hours and takes him to a bed she has set up for them to have sex on in front of the main window, Max is seriously stoked and turned on. It is late evening though and neither knows if anyone will actually see them. Imagine their surprise when a couple about their age comes up to the window when they are seriously getting into some hot sex.

This story is one of the hottest voyeurism stories I have had the pleasure to read. It is both erotic and highly sexually charged, oh, and I loved the ending!

El Ritmo De La Noche

Helen is in Spain on vacation with her friend Lara.

Lara is Helen’s friend.

Paco is the man Lara picks up.

He is the gentle man that picks up Helen.

When Helen and Lara attend a celebration in Spain, Helen resigns herself to the fact that unlike Lara she will not be accosted by the local boys. However, she is surprised when they love her pale blondness and want to dance with her as much as they do Lara. While she is being passed from boy to boy, another quieter boy finally gets his chance. Unlike the others he is gentle and actually helps her to learn the dancing. Unfortunately, she loses him in the crowd later. Will she find him?

I really enjoyed this particular story and it is probably my second favorite from this group. I liked the idea of Helen meeting a nice boy and possibly having her first real orgasm. This story is very tender.

Going, Going, Gone

Abigale is into the BDSM scene and has decided to auction herself off at the local slave auction.

Leroy is the auctioneer. He has a little something up his sleeve that will surprise Abigale and everyone there.

When Abigale decides to auction herself off to the highest bidder for charity, she has no idea who will buy her, and she even has fears that no one will. However, she is about to be surprised at just who is interested in having her for a slave.

Wow! Talk about explosive! While BDSM is not everyone’s personal kink, this little firecracker of a story is enough to make anyone sweat. You definitely do not want to miss it.

Overall I thought this was a very well thought out set of stories. They are erotic, sexy, and each one is different. Unlike some anthologies where the stories are often just a variation on one particular theme, this one had several themes. This kept me guessing and I liked that.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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