Coffee Time Romance & More




September 5, 2009
Phaze Books
84 pages
Interracial Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Tasha Kelly is a sweet and gentle soul. As she is enjoying a well-earned cup of coffee at her favorite coffee shop, a man becomes extremely irritated because the shop is only accepting cash. Tasha feels bad for the girl taking orders and pays for the man’s coffee.

Nick Lavery is more than a little bitter. His girlfriend left him eight months ago for a man with more money. Now, Nick thinks all women are liars and cheaters. In the middle of his tirade in the coffee shop, a gorgeous woman steps up to pay for his order as well as give him a lecture on his attitude.

Nick feels bad for his behavior, but before he can apologize to the woman who paid for his coffee, she leaves. For a week, Nick returns in the hopes of meeting up with her again. One day, he gets lucky enough to get Tasha’s name and repay her for her kindness. A couple of dates later and they both realize they have fallen in love. When Nick’s ex-girlfriend reappears, it only stirs up trouble for Nick and Tasha. Will Nick be able to repair the damage?

This is a good story with just the right touch of spice. Nick and Tasha balance one another out. Nick is very bitter, and Tasha seems a little too sweet, but when put together, it works. The conversations between characters seemed stilted at times, which made it a little difficult to read. All in all, I did like this book. Ms. Rochelle has written a very sexy and desirable book.

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