Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978161152907
January 27, 2014
107 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Fiction, Gay
Rating: 3 Cups

The far-flung outpost of Gunnanilla is about as alien a place for Brandon Lewis as the moon. It is hot, dusty, dirty, and unfortunately his home for the entire school term.

At forty Frank is pretty secure in his skin. What others think of him means little; unless it is someone he especially cares for.

Feeling completely out of his element, if not a little horrified, Brandon tries to make the best of a really dismal school year. Nothing here is like what he is used to in the city, except prejudice, and that he knows all too well. Meeting Frank makes his stay a little more tolerable, at least for a while.

Brandon is so young and immature he is totally unprepared for his first teaching job. He feels so different from everyone around him that isolating himself feels like his only choice. Getting involved with Frank should help, but it only seems to make him more emotional and scared. In my opinion Brandon’s maturity level is not developed enough to have any type of love affair, especially with a man twice his age.

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