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ISBN# (10)0061633615/ (13)978-0061633614 (10)0061138002/ (13)978-0061138003
March 31, 2009
Harper (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publisher)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
336 pages
Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Nell Jarreau and husband, Clay, have raised a lovely daughter, Norah, who is away at school. Everything is going peaceful until she learns the man who killed her boyfriend years ago has been released from prison.

Alvin ‘Pirate’ DuPree was convicted of a crime and sent to prison. When evidence points that he could not have possibly been the killer, something known as the Justice Project releases him back on the street.

As a concerned parent, Nell is worried about Norah being at a dorm but realizes she cannot be a smothering mother hen. She and Clay, the Chief of Police, are trying to enjoy some alone time. When Nell learns that DuPree has been released, she goes into shock mode. She does not care what any new evidence says; she was there when DuPree killed her boyfriend. Now she fears he will be coming after her. Clay tries to assure her no harm will come to her. Then, she wonders if she could have made a mistake in identifying the man. When the reporter, with the Belle Ville Guardian, is killed, and Nell and Norah, cannot be located, will Clay be able to find them before it is too late?

Delusion was so intriguing to me. One can only imagine the fright when a loved one is killed right in front of them. Things like this can really happen and not only does it leave the character bewildered but the reader steps into Nell’s shoes and takes the suspenseful trip right along with her. Peter Abrahams takes the character of Nell, and makes her strong and determined, as she fights for answers. What was so powerful about her character, in this fast moving tale, was wondering, ‘what if’ she really had identified the wrong man and sent him to prison. It baffles the head. It haunts and sends one reeling into the truth. I would hate to be in her shoes. I love his spine-tingling stories.

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