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ISBN#: Unavailable
August 6, 2010
Whispers Publishing
46 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Tess thinks that the coma she has suffered after a car accident that nearly claimed her life may have left some permanent damage. During the coma, and now after she has awakened, her dreams have been filled with a paralysis that is terrifying but for one thing. While under the spell of the sleep paralysis, her dream lover comes to her and seduces her with his wanton touch and sweet words.

Ayden is her lover in dreams and says that he is real. But what keeps him from coming to her in the waking hours? Is he nothing more than a hallucination sent by a damaged brain to rob her of sleep, or is he a man calling to her?

When her dream lover vanishes without explanation after she gets fired, Tess is pretty sure the whole thing was something made up by her mind to help her stay sane. But when a handsome stranger steps in to rescue her in the real world, is he imagination or have her dreams come true?

An erotic tale that leaves the reader as frozen as Tess is in her dream state, breathless for more to come. Although a fascinating topic and written with enough heat to leave you blushing, the responses of the real life characters compared to the dream ones leave something to be desired in the way of character development and conflict creation. Nonetheless a spicy read that was fun while interesting and the passion is vivid in this ardor filled story.

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