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Plantation Series Info
Book One: Domination Plantation
Book Two: Deliberation Plantation

Sequel to Domination Plantation
ISBN#: 978-1-60168-397-1
March 2011
Aspen Mountain Press
188 Pages
Contemporary, Erotica, Light BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

The reputation that Marcy Mahoney has is well earned, and thoroughly enjoyed. She likes her promiscuous lifestyle, and plans to keep it going with the opening of her BDSM ranch.

When they read the brochure, Cort, Landon, Mason, and Kemper know they have picked the right place, and maybe even the right woman. She has no idea why they have chosen her or her ranch, and they hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Even bad girls like to feel loved and Marcy is no exception. She loves sex, and lots of it, but relationships have always been a stumbling block for her, and she has been burned more than once. The guys barely know their new boss, but the sultry red headed goddess has gone straight to their hearts. Unfortunately, they have also put her in very grave danger, and it is about to hit harder and faster than a sledge hammer.

She may come off as a little trampy, okay a lot trampy, but you will never call Marcy dull. I like how she thinks she has these boys all figured out, but when the tables get turned, and you really see the fun begin. The guys are every girl’s fantasy, and when they take control of Marcy’s pleasure it is obvious to the reader that deeper feelings are very much involved. In my opinion the seesaw of emotions is contradictory to her lifestyle and reputation, but I also feel it is very indicative of a woman who fears being hurt again.

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